I was not too sure what to expect coming into this race. I had a great showing a month ago at Chuckanut 50k but I just wasn’t feeling quite as sharp for this one. After Chuckanut I went to Italy and apart from the marathon I ran over there with my girlfriend, I didn’t run much. I think I took something like 8 full days off while over there; although I still consider 8 hours a day walking around Rome and Venice to be good ultra training. Then pile on the fact that I have had a serious cold for the last three weeks that I was trying to run through, it was kind of up in the air how everything would affect me. I woke up on race morning with a scratchy throat but didn’t feel like it would hurt me and I still don’t really feel like it did, but you never really know. Sometimes when you are sick you still give 100% and it feels like you are cruising but you just aren’t moving as fast. Not sure if that was the case yesterday or not.

The gun went off at 8am and off we went. One, my only description being, big guy, shot out into the lead and instantly put a sizable gap on everyone. He later went off course, caught back up to the leaders, then DNF’d (saw him doing the walk of shame back to the aid station).

A group of 5 guys formed with Max King and Zach Violet seeming to lead the charge. I was just off the back of that pack and was contemplating whether or not to just roll with them or to run my own race. Haven’t figured this out yet in ultras although I’m starting to lean towards being more engaged with the other runners. However, I let them go as I began to crank out 7 minute miles on the flatter stuff as they were running more like 6:50’s. I figured, ‘I’ll see some of y’all later!’

My goal for some reason was to try to get through the marathon with the legs still feeling ok so I definitely held back from time to time as I started to feel myself wanting to stride out. I did pretty good on nutrition. Probably had about 10 salt caps and 12-15 gu’s. Some guys talk about how they eat 50-70 gu’s during a 100 mile race, that sounds like straight up hell. I don’t know what it’s like but that scares me.

The pack I shouldn't have let go...I know, shoulda woulda coulda

I linked up with Lewis Taylor and some guy from Mt. Shasta, CA and we ran much of the first 25 miles together, leap-frogging here and there at aid stations or by going off course for short periods. I will say that this course was pretty hard to stay on. I went off course twice, once by my own doing and the other by following Lewis, who had more mishaps than me, one that cost him a couple minutes late in the race and which gave me the edge over him at the finish. The flagging was there but you really just could not zone out for even a second because of how many twists and turns and off-chutes there were.
I think this race really just boiled down to that fact that I just didn’t have that extra gear that you really need to do well in races. I never was really ROLLING, just sort of ran steady, a bit disengaged from it all. With hindsight being 20/20 I think I would have gone out with that front pack and just tried to hang as long as possible. I think that would have jumpstarted my racing instincts a bit more. However, there were moments, even at the pace I ran, that I definitely needed to reel it back a bit to avoid going into bonk land.

Mile 34...wish I knew there was only 2 miles left...hurtin.

Everyone told me this course was flat but there ARE some hills there. The 2-3 mile grinder on the dirt road was definitely felt after about 25 miles. I was able to run 8:30’s up it so it wasn’t all that steep but still, I was definitely happy to crest the top and start the descent.
The distance was definitely short; probably more like 36-37 instead of 40 but I was definitely not complaining. I had the legs to go another 4 and I may have even caught the next two guys in front of me if I did, but again, I was happy to see the track and get it done.
Another aspect of note…and I guess fear, was the fact that I was HOT out there! I know it only reached maybe…MAYBE, 55-60 degrees in the sun, but I felt like the heat was getting to me. My legs started to cramp around mile 25 so I started popping 2 salt caps every 30 minutes (per Jeff Browning’s anti cramp regimen) which worked but I also had some nausea flashes which I hate. I lost all sense of time too and would forget when I had eaten a gu or taken my last salt cap. Next race, I’ll set up a alarm for salt caps on my Garmin and then just eat as many gu’s as possible. I sure wish salt caps were smaller as I feel the urge to gag on them every time they go down, the freaking things are huge!
Result: 5th place in 4:34.

Clock was set for 20 miler races...add 1 hour. Cool to end a trail race on the track!

All in all, I was happy to get these miles on my legs and considering the circumstances I feel pretty OK about this race. Not a great result or effort but not bad either. I feel like I’m already recovering well and will be much better prepared for Macdonald Forest 50k in May. My plan is a medium volume recovery week, then a couple 90-100 mile weeks with some Smith Rock days, then a real taper week (which I didn’t have for this race) and I should be ready for a great race.
Thanks to Sean Meissner and the friendly folks at the aid stations for a great race, although I would do something about the clarity of the markings and dial in the distances of aid stations and total lengths of races. I’m pretty sure the 20 miler was a little long actually too.
Thanks for reading…post a comment if you want…I like feedback…lets me know there is a reason for writing these blogs instead of simple selfish self-indulgence. If you ran the race, how’d you feel about it?
Happy Trails.

11 Thoughts on “Race Report: 2012 Peterson Ridge Rumble “40” Miler

  1. Good job, bud. Some races exceed expectations, and some you just make par on. I’ve just shot par my last two races so I know how this felt for you. Its a good opportunity, though, to focus on what you need to work on. Also**, I’ll add (since I work alongside you) that you were VERY fired up for Chuckanut and seemed pretty lackadaisical about this one and that may have had something to do with it. Plus, all races can’t be “A” races. You did a good job. Learn and move on!

    • Chase on April 16, 2012 at 1:46 pm said:

      Thanks Rod, and ya, I was a little more relaxed and had less expectations going into this one. I think that had to do with the sickness factor and the Italy trip, wasn’t as focused…won’t have those distractions during this build up to Mac

  2. Julio Carvajal on April 16, 2012 at 6:30 pm said:

    Que bárbaro Chase!! 5 lugar y la hizo así como por entrenar!!!
    Usted es de sangre Tarahumara mínimo!!!

    • Chase on April 17, 2012 at 5:09 pm said:

      Jaja! Pero necesite las semillas del Tarahumara como los que comimos cuando corrimos el Volcan Poaz!! Que buenas memorias! Algo mas que necesite durante mi carrera….Pipas…Mmmmmm PIPAS!! Que sabrosa y buena depues de correr….solamente en la Pura Vida de Costa Rica. 🙂 Algun dia….regresare! Chirripo esta llamando…

  3. Nice work on the run! I know it may not have been your best but good with the lack of lead up to the race. I did the race yesterday as well and also missed a turn, oops. I felt like the course was also slightly shorter than last year but was happy not to do the lollypop on the first loop.
    The warm temps got to me a little bit as well but I managed to finish faster than last year which was my goal. I did feel much worse afterward though. Good luck at the McDonald 50k. I am building up for a 50 in July and a 100 hopefully in August. I am on a waiting list. If you would like to read my race report it can be found here: http://ymmvreviews.com/adv/peterson-ridge-rumble-2012/


    • Chase on April 17, 2012 at 5:04 pm said:

      Nice RR JJ. What 50 are you doing? And what 100 are you trying to get into? How are the legs holding up after Peterson? I did a little 5 mile jaunt today and felt surprisingly good…great sign.

  4. Nikki on April 16, 2012 at 9:46 pm said:

    Well it’s like you said after Redding: “get out there and run at any pace, any place, any level. Run and you’ll be an inspiration.” You did what you had on that given day. You’re still an inspiration no matter the outcome. You need to know what isn’t your best to know what the possibility of doing better can truly be. Mac Forest has it comin’! Also: I like the “Happy Trails” 🙂

    • Chase on April 17, 2012 at 4:58 pm said:

      Thanks Babe, you always have such crystal clear perspective. And yes, redemption will be had at Mac Forest!!! 🙂

  5. Chase, my legs are doing okay excempt my right knee. Since I test and review a fair amount of shoes, I must have run in a pair that has not totally agreed with me as my IT Band has been acting up. It is still sore as I type but I am hoping to put in an easy 5 miles tomorrow. I biked and swam today and it was not too bad.
    I think I am going to sign up for the White River 50 miler as I did not get into the Mt Hood 50 in time. For the 100 I am currently on the waiting list for the Cascade Crest 100. It was a lottery and I was not so lucky. I am like number 78 on the WL but they expect most to get in. I am going to train for it and will find an alternative if I do not get in. I would like to do Pine to Palm but it is too close to the Leadman Tri here in Bend for which I am already entered.
    Glad to here your legs are feeling good, that is a good sign for the lead up to the Mac Forest 50k. Thanks for checking out my report.

  6. Gabriella on December 11, 2012 at 11:03 am said:

    Hey! Just found your blog due to a recent bout with runners knee and was checking out your post on exercises. I had sprained my MCL in a ski accident and don’t think I ever fully recovered. I started trying cycling as an alternative to my running “habit”, but I just can’t get that sense of…I don’ t know…satisfaction on my bike (although I do love it to death). Anyway, it’s great to hear what you’re thinking during your runs. Lots of motivation and definately inspiring me. I hope to get over this injury/affliction so I can finally run a full marathon in March. Keep up the great blogging!

    • Hey Gabriella! Thanks for the reply…I have been dealing with a major injury, which I just blogged about, and I hope to start writing more as I have opened up some time in my life and hope to dedicate more of my time to this site. And it helps to hear people out in the world are actually reading it! Thanks for the comment. I hope you can get back into your running quickly…what marathon your thinking of doing? There’s nothing better than healthy running…you just have to do the work to maintain it. 🙂

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