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New Balance REVlite 890 Shoe Review

I recently had a chance to run in the New Balance REVlite 890’s. Right when I picked up the shoe I noticed that New Balance was on to something. The 890 is incredibly light, but it doesn’t sacrifice it’s structure and support to get there. I like that you get to enjoy the weight of a minimalist shoe but still are able to utilize the plush cushioning of the midsole.

Another rad feature is just the fact that the men’s and women’s shoe is a namesake shoe. The names Andy Baddeley and Jenny Barringer (now Simpson) are stitched into the heel wrap of each respective shoe. I’ve been following both there careers, especially Jenny’s, for some time now and I love the fact that they are endorsed my these great runners. One of my favorite races of all time was seeing Jenny go sub-4 in the 1500 in Eugene, OR at Hayward field in her last year as a Colorado Buffalo. That was her first big moment when people were like, “Hold up, this girl is gooood. Nike better get on that.” But somehow New Balance picked her up and this shoe is evidence that they are investing a lot in her and her future.

In addition to the super light material of the midsole, it also sports a 23 to 11 cm drop. This is just enough to cushion your heel but still remain close enough to the ground to feel that natural roll of your foot as you strike and roll to push off.
The upper is manufactured with no-sew seamless welding which provides a comfortable, non abrasive experience for the foot inside this shoe. The weave of the upper is breathable and made with wicking materials to decrease moisture build up for improved comfort.

I’m falling in love with shoes that are considered to have ‘full ground contact geometry.’ This basically means that the outsole is not separated from the heel to the forefoot with a plastic plate or other divisive material. With the REVlite 890 you are in constant contact with the ground for better grip and a more natural ride.

This neutral light weight trainer can truly be used for your day to day runs. This shoe can handle anything from a long 20 miler to a 5 mile tempo run. The cushioning can handle the long stuff and the weight is great for when you want to feel fast and snappy! The only segment that may want to steer clear of this shoe is heavy over-pronators and larger folks. It doesn’t quite have the lateral support to protect this segment.
First the Minimus line now the REVlite 890, it seems New Balance running is really starting to take off. During my years working in a running shoe store, New Balance was always popular with older folks who had been wearing New Balance for decades. Yet they hadn’t quite figured out how to compete with the big boys like Asics, Brooks, and Nike with the running market core. After picking up some great athletes in Anton Krupicka, ‘Jenny B’ as I like to call her, and Andy Baddeley, and then re-vamping their entire ideology and design/management team; New Balance is now a major force to be reckoned with.

Final note: New Balance is the only major running shoe brand to be manufactured in the USA, 25% of the shoes sold in North America are made in the USA. Maybe it’s just me, but in these economic times, I want to support brands that provide jobs domestically, and I like the ongoing commitment of New Balance to do just that.
The New Balance REVlite 890 retails for $90 at Amazon.com
as well as other vendors.


1 antonino { 11.12.11 at 7:07 pm }

Ive had my 890′s now for 6 months. I was a big fan of the old 890 and decided to chase the new model down after struggling to find another good neutral shoe. After my old 890 new balance I ran in an adidas neutral which was great but like all the brands once you find a good shoe buy good stocks of them as once they change to a new series, when they supposed to get better that isnt always the case!
Ever since buying my 890s I havent been too overjoyed. Yes they are light but I feel the EVA makeup is too light to be a true runner, unless of course you are have the perfect light stride! After many years of running and now reduced to no more than 2 x10-12km a week I find these shoes way too soft for that distance and weekly mileage. I think these shoes are great if you are a triathlete or a weekend racer, they are not described as a race shoe but I feel they are very close to this. I checked the my soles to the other day and the area under my fore foot is already almost worn away! I thought this yellow material they are using underfoot is so strong and durable??!! Also the white EVA is already quite compressed. Overall I have to say nice looking, with the weight perfect for light runs or weekend races but not so for runs over 10km. I think I will need to chase down my next neutral. All said I love NEW BALANCE as a shoe but this new light series to compete with NIKE new flashy series does not have real running capability and I have to say I wish I had bought more of the older 890′s!!

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