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Nathan Quick Draw Plus: Handheld Water Bottle Review

I’ve been resisting buying a handheld water bottle for some time now. I have been making due with at least 5 different normal plastic water bottles without the handheld strap. In the past I have preferred to save a buck and go old school on my longer runs with my hodgepodge of bottles. Generally on my longer days I do ‘out and back’ runs to solve my disdain for running with a water bottle. What I would do is suffer through about 5 miles with the bottle then stash it. Then I’d continue on as far as I needed and grab the bottle on the way back. This system provided me with hydration late in the run but without having to hold the dang thing the whole run. In the past, I really just hated the feeling of having something in my hands. I felt slow, sluggish, and like I couldn’t get into any kind of rhythm. Because of this, I’ve been known to go on 20 milers without drinking a sip the whole run because I didn’t want to carry anything. Not smart, I know.

After receiving an awesome REI gift card, I finally ended up buying a handheld device with hand strap. Within the first mile of my first tester run I realized how much of an ignorant bonehead I had been this whole time! The strap really does work! I was totally comfortable without having to tense my hand and hold the weight.
The Nathan Quick Draw Plus is the standard for running water bottles. It’s by far the best selling bottle on the market and it has found this success for a reason. The strap is super comfortable on your hand and is made of a moisture wicking material sure to not bog you down. It doesn’t lose its snug fit while running or chafe in any way. The bottle also has a great little pouch. I use it to hold energy gels, but it can also accommodate keys, gym cards, cell phones, or a lucky marble. What? You all don’t run with a lucky marble? That’s just me? Oh….

The Quick Draw Plus carries 22oz. (650mL) of fluid. If you feel like you need more than that, simple, pick up two, one per hand. This actually really helps to maintain your balance and rhythm by having the weight equally distributed.

Another great feature is the reflective strip that runs vertically down the strap. You can never be too reflective out there!

My favorite thing about this water bottle is actually what I was most worried about. When I was browsing the water bottles at REI I almost put the packaged product to my mouth to pull the nozzle with my teeth! The nozzle can make or break a water bottle. Not wanting to be “that guy” I decide to make the leap of faith and just buy the bottle without testing it. A mile into my first test run, I bit down on the nozzle, pulled, shot a stream of water into my mouth, slapped the nozzle with the palm of my hand to seal it, all while not leaking one drop! It honestly felt and worked perfect.

I’m stoked to have this product; no more stashing water bottles, tense hands, dropping bottles, and no more dehydration due to laziness. Now my rule of thumb is if I am running over an hour, I’m taking my Nathan. I usually try to take a sip every ten minutes or so depending on how long I need the water to last. The most important thing is that you are consistent with your intake.

Ok folks, I hope you found this review useful. If you are interested in purchasing this product, I have good news!
I recently developed a great relationship with Wilderness Running Company. They very graciously offered to give my readers a 10% off discount on all their products. All you have to do is type in RUID10 into the coupon code box when you are making your purchase. With this discount purchasing the Nathan Quick Draw Plus through Wilderness Running Company is a great value. They also offer free shipping on purchases of $50 and up.

I hope everyone’s running is going great!


1 wytwatergirl { 07.07.11 at 5:37 pm }

Really not happy with this product – leaks all the time, no matter what and we have two. Spent $36 plus tax for nothing. Contacted the company and was told politely they would do absolutely nothing to correct this situation – poor customer service and terrible product.

2 Chase { 07.07.11 at 5:43 pm }

Wow…I’ve had mine for months now with no issues. Are they leaking from the nozzle? Or from the lid? I have heard that if you freeze water in the water bottle it can damage it. Also, if you really rip on the drink nozzle to open the valve, this can cause future leaking. Not sure, sorry this happened to ya…mine have worked great. I guess there are always defects with every product. You contaced Nathan? Or the company you purchased it through?

3 Wytwatergirl { 07.08.11 at 8:39 am }

Hi thanks for the comment. We contacted Nathan directly and I was very disappointed with the response. Basically very short response of they will do nothing. Not even any suggestions of what could be wrong. The running shop we purchased them from foes not accept returns either. We tried different configurations of the nozzle but they still leak. And they leaked from the first day. Perhaps the store did not have proper storage or something. Anyway, thanks for the response!

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5 LD-DFW { 10.21.11 at 6:13 pm }

Hey Wytwatergirl,
I have another bottle from Nathan but it has the same type of nozzle.
I always take it out the cap to wash after my runs and I noticed that if the grooves were not aligned properly then the bottle would leak.
Maybe try taking out the nozzle and putting it back in aligned the grooves.
I hope this fixes it, if not you may just have defective one.

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