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Gear Review: Sketchers GoRun Ride Running Shoes

The best thing that Sketchers ever did was sign Meb Keflezighi. It was totally out of the blue. I remember the buzz a few years back that the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon was without a shoe sponsor! That was unheard of and there was speculation that his previous sponsor, Nike, was just not paying out what Meb deserved. Just as the buzz started to die down, all the sudden it hit the news waves; Meb Keflezighi signed with…SKETCHERS! Hold up, WHAT?! Sketchers makes running shoes!? You dang right they do…and they recently came out with some really good ones, The GoRun Ride running shoe.

So here’s the breakdown on this shoe.

In addition to just a 4mm drop from heel to forefoot this shoe is made with a bit of a rocker through the mid foot to create that seamless transition from midfoot to forefoot. It was designed specifically this way to eliminate the tendency to heel stike and to get you up on that forefoot. It seems that fewer and fewer people are even attempting to debate this viable theory that midfoot to forefoot landing is far superior for both efficiency and dampening the stress your body takes with each footfall.

Just don’t run in these shoes like the models in this video did…heavy heel striking!

This shoe is built on a traditional last with a neutral midsole. Being that it is designed for midfoot landing, it takes away the necessity of having a stability post built into the medial side of the shoe (very unnatural). Therefore, this shoe can work well on most runners if used properly (limited heavy heel striking).


The GoRun Ride has even received credit for its adaptability on all surfaces. I wouldn’t take this shoe on anything super technical or rugged but if it’s a mellow trail with some rollers, it works great. But if you are bounding rock to rock descending rugged terrain you may twist an ankle or puncture the foam midsole if you push it too far.

Another cool aspect of this shoe is the variety of color options you have to choose from. As far as I could see, they have 15 color options on Amazon.com. I think Sketchers is sort of trying to piggyback on the Nike Free series by offering high quality running shoes but also trying to compete in the style department.


Additional Specs:
Weight: 7.8 Ounces (Mens) 6.8 ounces (Womens)
Price: In certain colors as low as $46.95 on Amazon.com
Heel to Forefoot Drop: 4mm
Awards: Won Best Debut Shoe from Runners World Magazine

So there you have it, that’s my gear review on the Sketchers GoRun Ride running shoe. For me, this is the perfect shoe for taking out on those 3-6 mile cruiser runs where you just want something to be comfortable and feel good on your foot. It doesn’t hurt that’s its a pretty cool looking shoe too. It has a minimalist heel to forefoot ration but is built up on some great cushioning to protect your body for those who are wary of a true minimalist shoe. While Sketchers is an emerging brand in the running world, with the help of Meb Keflezighi, the GoRun series, and their continued committment to offering a solid line of running shoes, I think they are here to stay. Keep an open mind with these guys! Check out other reviews and pricing here.

Thanks for checking out my site and please leave me a comment about your thoughts and feedback on this shoe!


1 Kevin D { 02.03.13 at 9:23 pm }

Interesting to read this! I have actually been running in these shoes since July. I was down in CA and walked by a Sketchers store (it was actually in Manhattan Beach, where they are headquartered)! I was in a hurry to catch a flight, but walked out with a pair of these. I thought all of the different colors were different styles, but found out later they were not because I would have liked a different color than the gray/orange they brought out for me.

I ran 6.0 in them yesterday, and they felt fine, but I did notice a little bit of foot pain afterwards. That might just be from upping my mileage too. I’m fine now. I will say that the sole/grooves are so soft that they pick up rocks like crazy (trail running), and many of them are the size of marbles! After every run I have to pick them out.

They do promote a mid foot strike, which is noticeable and I like this fact in the hopes that it takes some strain off my knees.

2 Chase { 02.04.13 at 8:56 am }

Hey Kevin, I’m glad to hear you are liking them! Although, yes, I know what you mean about the marble sizes rocks. I assume they will work that kink out on the GoRun Ride 2.

But hey, if you are a Beaver fan, those colors aren’t so bad!

Are they still holding up? 6 months is quite awhile…I guess it all depends on how many miles you are getting in…glad they are working for you!

3 Kevin D { 02.04.13 at 2:23 pm }

They are holding up fine. My mileage last summer was VERY low in them. (I was alternating shoes to get used to them). Probably less than 25. Since New Years I have put about 35 on them. The sales guy said they should hold up well to ~800 miles as opposed to typical shoes which are around 500ish? I should look in to this more.

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