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Posts from — August 2011

Redirection of Run Until I Die Blog

Run Until I Die Update:

I’ve decided to redirect the focus of my blog and only write about my experiences and results of marathon and ultra marathon races. I have a full fall schedule of races and plan to do some great write ups on how they turn out. (Flagline 50k, Deadman Peaks 50 Miler, and a marathon yet to be determined) Over the last few months I’ve tried to write on a variety of topics concerning running and it’s been a lot of fun. But, life changes. Things have come up and I really just don’t have the time or the motivation to continue blogging so regularly when I really should be using that time on other areas of my life. However, I do tend to race quite a bit so I’ll still be posting now and then to re-hash some, hopefully, really great outcomes.

Someday I’d like to run Ultra Marathons at a really high level so keep checking back in to see if that dream comes to fruition.

Thanks for reading…

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Running up Poas Volcano…and being stalked by a Costa Rican Hooker!

Yesterday I had to opportunity to run up what is now my favorite volcano in Costa Rica. Myself, Julio, his wife Magda, and his Dad Julio (if you pronounce the two Julios differently people know which one you are talking about) headed out around 7:30 to tackle this run.
The other volcanos I have been to in Costa Rica are basically just mountains with no real evidence that it is actually a volcano…not Poas. This was a really impressive sight to see. I definitely saved the best for last. If you are ever in Costa Rica and you only have time to see one volcano…make it Poas.

The run itself was a little over 2 hours and roughly 20 kilometers. We didn’t get to hit up this one trail section my friends had been talking about because apparently somebody had gone off trail or something and gotten lost. The helicopter in my photos was actually search and rescue looking for this boy.

Do Not Enter!



After the run, we gorged on an incredible Costa Rican dish at a restaurant called El Sabor de la Montaña, The Flavor of the Mountain. With a view of the entire central valley we walked across the street and bought some supposedly world renowned strawberries from a little shop owner. They were delectable.
I also had the opportunity to test out Chia. I had recommended the book ‘Born to Run’ to Julio because of its popularity in the USA. In the book the Tarahumara Indians, who are known for their incredible running feats in central Mexico, talk of using Chia as there energy and hydration source.

Most people wouldn’t give Chia much of a thought. However, Julio, always looking for a cutting edge, purchased some through amazon.com and had bottles ready for us all to try. It was hard to tell how effective the drink was but it was definitely good tasting. It basically looked like water with thousands of little brown seeds in it. It had a sort of gooey consistency but went down easy and tasted great. That being said, I think I’ll wait for Julios thorough review before I implement it into my races or training.

With just two more days in Costa Rica, it’s starting to hit me that my running adventures here will soon come to a close. Me and Julio have joked about starting a tour company that takes runners to all these spots over roughly a 2 week period…these runs are THAT good.
Somehow I know I’ll be back someday… i’m not done with Costa Rica.

In other, more disturbing news, I was followed home last night by a prostitute! I know this is a complete change of subject but it was so weird that I have to write about it.
I was walking down a dimly lit street on my way back to my host families house. I almost didn’t walk down this street because it looked a little sketchy but I saw this girl standing alone on her phone and thought, ‘oh, if she can just be hanging out here, it can’t be that bad…’ I walk by the girl, roughly 20 years old, very pretty face, dressed very well. This was no sloppy crack head in a mini skirt…this girl was a professional.
Not yet realizing that something was different about her, I glance at her as I pass her on the sidewalk…something about the way she looked at me got me thinking that something was a little odd. I keep walking and as I go I begin to here the click-click of her high heeled boots.
Ok, maybe she’s just walking to the next bus stop, really not that weird. I pass the bus stop and turn onto a even more dimly lit street that leads me closer to my home. The click-click continues. Getting a little weirder. I glance over my shoulder and there she is, head tilted down, just 10 feet behind me.
I make another turn, into my neighborhood, she follows. I can’t believe she’s following me! I didn’t know what to do. I thought maybe I should stop and tell her I wasn’t interested but I still wasn’t 100% sure what was happening.
I can see how this could be a good technique for prostitutes…they follow you…give you a chance to run the potential scenario through your head without engaging you…they let you lead them to your house…your resistance diminishing as you walk…all you hear is the click-click, click-click of her heels…beating down your reservations.
The thought that you could be having sex with a strange yet very attractive woman within minutes…for a price…is an incredibly odd, and sadly, mildly enticing thought. You can throw all your inhibitions to the wind for one night…no pre-planning, just let it happen, let her follow you all the way home, don’t say a word, let her pass through your door. The line, ‘like a sheep led to the slaughter…’ came to mind. Weak men let this happen, sacrifice it all to fulfill a lonely urge.
I made what was the 6th turn and came to my front door, I hesitated and turned toward her as I took my keys out and got ready to enter the house….she hesitated, waiting for an invitation.
I turned my back to her and entered the safety of the home….
She would have to slaughter a different sheep that night…I peaked through the window and watched her go under the illumination of the street light…talk about the walk of shame…click-click, click-click.

August 9, 2011   4 Comments

Geoff Roes will get you psyched to run FAR!

I want to share a few things about Ultra Runner Geoff Roes that have really inspired me recently. They are helping me to really think about why it is I run and how I can take my running to the next level as I transition to ultra running.

Audio interview…its a little long but super interesting. Geoff talks all about training, nutrition, view of running, competition, Alaska, food, past, present, and future.

And here is a sick video of Jeff training up in Alaska. I can see why Jeff is probably one of the top 5 ultra runners in the world after seeing him run up that crazy terrain outside Juneau…FREAKIN BEAST. I consider Geoff to be a little out there with his views but not so out there as Anton Krupicka…a little more relatable to the average person. The other thing I like about him is I can he is an INTENSE competitor. He wants to win…BAD. I like that.

Hope this stuff gets you excited to hit the trails…I have one more week in Costa Rica….when I get back im (sorry, I cant find the apostrophe on these costa rican keyboards) ready to start training HARD. I have a 50k in September in Oregon and a 50 miler in October in New Mexico…very excited to see what I can do.

Post a comment if you listened to the interview or watched the video…what do you think about Geoff?

August 5, 2011   2 Comments